SCN ACADEMY is an international football academy that was created with the aim of offering a comprehensive training service, to promote processes of improvement and adaptation to professional football, through the best professionals in all the areas involved in our sport using all the resources, facilities and new technologies that the football industry offers us.

Educative area

All our footballers will be immersed in different educational programs, from formal education to university degrees, through different degrees of sports education at an official academic level.

Language area

Our academy will be marked by the diversity and global nature of the athletes that make it up, so the study of a second or third language will be one of the axes of our training program..

Personal Developenment area

We firmly believe that optimal development of personal skills is key to reaching elite football, so these will be transversal themes to be worked on by the different departments.

Conditional area

We know that in today’s football it is essential to optimize all physical capabilities to the maximum, which is why we develop an individualized conditional work program at the level of functional strength and the rest of the capabilities through scientific quantification with medical analytics, GPS, force platforms. among others.

Psychological and Behavioral area

One of the differentiating aspects in elite sport is the mental aspect and at SCN Academy we have a behavioral and coaching program to get the best personal and professional performance from our footballers.

Technical area

The development and improvement at the individual technical-tactical level of the player will be one of the focuses of our work, through a unique methodology and a program adapted to each player, with video analysis .

Game knowledge

If something differentiates Spanish football, it is the knowledge and mastery of the internal logic of the game. Perceptive and decision-making work will be present in all our training at a tactical level, both individually and collectively, with the work of different structures that increase the player’s tactical background.

Nutritional area

IAnother vital aspect in the elite is nutrition, in our academy all menus will be supervised by a nutritionist, who based on a prior analysis will adapt to each player the caloric intake they must ingest.

Professional football area

It will be one of the departments that we will implement through master classes and talks with professional players and coaches who will provide that extra motivation and extra knowledge of professional football to facilitate their adaptation.